Project for the weekend + Conversions

Have I mentioned that I love the Shopify blog?  It is truly fantastic and you can receive it whether you have a Shopify site or not.  (I do and love it.)  Sign up here to have the blog posts go straight to your mailbox  -

Warning in advance....they are prolific.  They write and post a lot.  I have the emails going into my Promotions tab so that they are out of the way and I am not tempted to delete them just to clear my main inbox.  Some I delete right away due to the title (I know I am not interested) but the majority I read when I can and store away for later use.  

This just came across...just in time for a great rainy weekend project:

I am trying to work on increasing "people orders" while my Sales Director works on new wholesale business, so increasing conversions is squarely in my department.  I will be working on this when I am not playing Stardew Valley with the boys this weekend.  :) 

Have a great weekend!


PS - Is anyone reading this blog?  Say hello in the comments below.  




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