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How timely is this?  Zapier has posted their list of the 25 Top Productivity apps in 2018.  Read it here.  There is also a list of 20 Top Ipad Productivity Apps.  You can find that one here

This week I switched from Asana to ClickUp for my to do lists and to organize my team.  Lots of folks love Asana...and I did for a long time, but I just was not getting things done.  Let's see if ClickUp helps.  I am loving it so far.   FInd it here

So even though it is only July, I feel like I am in the final stretch of the year.  We have a crazy August and September coming up.  We are hopefully launching in the bulk section of a major chain in NYC and then I have QVC in September (95% sure thing at this stage).  Then October - December is holiday season.  So I have an overwhelming desire to get my ducks in a row NOW to make sure things go smoothly.  

Oh...and we have Expo East for the first time in September.  

We are wrapping up the non-gmo certification process (whew) and are about to get new printed bags (same quality, much less expensive).  Once those two projects are done, that is it for 2018. 

And of course, the boys are about to start school.  We start early - August 9th is their first day back.  Hudson has homeschooled half-days for the past few years but he is going full days this year.  Fingers crossed he loves it and thrives. 

In my free time (LOL), I am working on an app with my pack/ship manager to keep track of my existing customers.  It has been in the works/in my brain for years and it is finally coming to fruition.  Read more about that here - (temp landing page).  More on that later. 

I hope your week is going well and you have an action-packed fall/winter planned.  If not, check out one of the tools above and put some plans together.   Let's end the year strong and successful!

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