The number one tool that I use in my small batch business

Let's talk about tools and apps.  I have spent WAY too much time looking at tools, apps, articles about said tools and apps, trialing every CRM in the marketplace, etc.  I am constantly checking out new themes in Shopify - which runs my site - and playing around with themes on this Squarespace site.  It feels like work...and it is helpful when you find a great new tool, but honestly, a lot of time I am just wasting time and avoiding making sales calls (another blog post).

So.  What's the number one tool that I use in my small batch business?  Zapier.  {Find it at}

Do you use Zapier?  Have you heard of it?  If not, go straight on over after you finish reading this.  And don't feel bad if you haven't.  I have spoken to lots of small batch folks that have never heard of it. 

Zapier basically connects apps that would otherwise not connect.  So it will connect your Quickbooks (QBO) to your CRM.   Or your CRM to your email or to Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet.  Or just one google sheet to another.  And, as a side note, they have a great newsletter so sign up for that when you check it out. 

If you are not sure what to do with Zapier, have a look at the apps that you use and it will give you ideas of popular "zaps."

We use Zapier to pull data out of QBO and into a database that we use to keep track of our sales and existing customers (we'll talk about that in another blog post).  We also use it to pull new customer data out of QBO so we can use the data to welcome and nurture those new customers. 

Bottom line - we use Zapier to enter data once...and then use it is multiple ways...and in multiple apps.  It reduces work and cuts down on errors. 

I hope you find this helpful!  As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. 

Have a great week!




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