Let's do this. My name is Hope.

Who knew starting a little blog was so difficult?  Wow.  If anyone is reading this, and I doubt there is, I pledge now to post every week.  Let's say every Tuesday.  Goal set...check. 

My name is Hope and I am in Palmyra, Virginia.  It is a small town near Charlottesville, home of the University of VA.   Palmyra has two traffic circles (the 2nd one is very new) and one stop light.  Like I said, small town. 

Palmyra is also the home of the Hudson Henry Baking Co.  I started the business six years ago from my home.  About 13 months ago we moved to a fantastic (proper) commercial space....3000 sq. ft!!  I cannot believe that we worked out of our home for over four years, but we did.  Granted, we have an old B&B that had a commercial kitchen.  We had about 1000 feet to play with and we used every inch of that space.  

So this blog will be about my food business and small businesses in general.  My focus is  "small batch manufacturing" - whether you bake bread or make aprons.  I will share my story and share resources that I use and come across.  I absolutely love "talking shop" and have helped quite a few folks get started with their own food businesses.   If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  

Next week (or hopefully sooner), I will talk about goals and how I set them.  And I will share my own.  It's big.  : ) 

Have a great week!

 - Hope






Goals. I love goals.