Shark Tank + Food Companies + how we almost made it

Are you a Shark Tank fan? I used to watch it all the time but haven’t in ages. I need to start watching again.

Need to catch up? Here is a list of the 15 most successful products from Shark Tank. The first one is a food company - Kodiak Cakes.

And here is a list of all of the food/bev pitches:

I really need to spend a rainy day with youtube and watch these pitches.

We ALMOST made it on Shark Tank. I sent in a pitch via email years ago. Almost a year later, I got a call and email from them on the same day. (It was a great day!) I was asked to send in a video and fill out the application…in 7 days. This came, of course, the day before we were leaving for our one and only family beach vacation of the year. With my help of my sister and the family, we put together a video while we were at Ocracoke and sent it in on time.

Next came…crickets. That was as far as we got. :) I think I read that thousands and thousands apply and then they ask 1000 folks for videos and then 100 make it on the show. Something like that. I was proud that we got as far as we did.

So the following year we went to an Open Call in Raleigh, NC. It was a fun experience for all of us (we took the boys and they were part of the pitch), but no luck.

Perhaps I need to try again. I will put it on the 2019 to do list.

In the meantime, I will start watching the show again or at least all of the food/bev pitches!

Have a great weekend!

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